Sunday, April 29, 2012

1,000 Gifts

I follow a few blogs that I really enjoy reading, and one of them is written by a high school friend, Lauren. Her blog, From Our Hiding Place, is all about DIY but she has, on many occasions, shared different things with her readers. I read one of her recent posts last week - 1000 gifts - and immediately wanted to jump on board. Lauren's idea stems back to a woman named Sarah, the author of fairytales are true, who decided to write her own version of 1000 gifts after being inspired by a book written by Ann Voskamp. After reading both Lauren and Sarah's blogs, I'm now joining these lovely ladies and embarking on my own journey to note down 1000 gifts (be it people, blessings, events, things, feelings, etc!) that I have been fortunate enough to smile about this year and to do it by December 31, 2012. Should you also feel inspired to remind yourself of all the things you are blessed with and make you smile everyday, jump on the train. Just drop Sarah an email as she's also tracking the people who have joined her on the 1000 gift journey. And please also let me know - I'd love to read about your gifts :) And so I begin...

My gifts (and blessings):

  1. a healthy family
  2. a healthy me
  3. bright, colorful flowers
  4. hot chocolate
  5. the sunshine
  6. and the rain
  7. my amazingly comfortable bed
  8. the man, my fiance, who sleeps next to me in our bed
  9. the luxurious feeling of getting a manicure & pedicure
  10. living abroad, as tough as it gets
  11. riding an elephant
  12. chicken club sandwiches by the pool
  13. hot mocha lattes
  14. the comfort of our living room couch
  15. the outside breeze
  16. girlfriends i can always count on
  17. the feeling of strength after a gym session lifting weights
  18. the feeling of endurance after a long run
  19. my colleagues - i learn something from all of them
  20. our driver, Narayan
  21. our housekeeper, Aggy
  22. velveeta macaroni & cheese (with hot dogs)
  23. the pets i've had, loved, and lost
  24. my wedding dress
  25. a roof over my head
  26. seeing the new york yankees play, and in so many good games
  27. a glass of wine after a really awful day
  28. a glass of wine after a really amazing day
  29. cheese and crackers to go with that wine
  30. the taste of a really good steak
  31. the smell of sunscreen
  32. freshly baked brownies
  33. villanova university and everything i learned while i was there
  34. the kisses jeremy gives my cheeks in the morning
  35. long weekends
  36. Essie's chinchilly nail polish
  37. getting a foot massage
  38. buying presents for people
  39. my niece and nephew puppies, bailey & ollie
  40. grandma's chocolate chip cookies packed in a tin for travel purposes
  41. owning an Indian Saree (putting it on is another matter)
  42. sunday lunches with friends
  43. the stack of various magazines that i refuse to get rid of
  44. breakfast dates on the terrace with Jeremy
  45. Skype and its amazing ability to allow me to see my family and friends in between visits
  46. sunscreen
  47. having BBQs with friends
  48. "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" reality TV
  49. the complete series of Sex & the City on DVD
  50. a really good pair of heels
  51. my polka dot running shoes
  52. racing jeremy down our street at the end of our runs, and waving our hands in the air as we "cross the finish line"
  53. Frank Sinatra songs
  54. homemade tomato sauce and meatballs with pasta
  55. sundresses
  56. and cozy sweaters
  57. our engagement photos and the fun we had taking them
  58. genuine English pubs, and the delectable steak pies that they make
  59. reading a really good book on a Friday night
  60. playing tennis with jeremy
  61. breakfast dates with the ladies at beautiful hotels
  62. vacations
  63. our air conditioner during a month-long heat wave
  64. our floral curtains in the living room
  65. my slow cooker
  66. the little geckos that live on our front porch at night and knowing they will always be there
  67. watching the stray kittens that sleep on our patio chair cushions
  68. watching "Frozen Planet"
  69. Sling Box.
  70. Our engagement weekend in Kabini